Divan bed bases

When considering the best support and storage solution for your mattress, a Quercus Home Furniture divan bed base emerges as an ideal choice, surpassing traditional slatted bed frames. Unlike slatted frames that rely on individual wooden slats for support, a divan base offers a consistent and solid foundation, ensuring even weight distribution and preventing any sagging over time.

The upholstered construction of a divan base not only enhances comfort but also provides a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, elevating the overall look of your bedroom, particularly when paired with a matching upholstered headboard.

But what truly sets the divan base apart is its integrated storage feature. With a Quercus Ottoman divan bed base, you gain access to a concealed storage space underneath the mattress platform, allowing you to declutter your bedroom while keeping your essentials within easy reach.

In summary, the divan bed base combines superior support, stylish design, and efficient storage – making it a compelling choice for those seeking both comfort and functionality in their sleep space.

Divan bases

Our standard bases/bedframes offer an excellent solution to your storage needs. We have four storage options available to you. Don’t need storage? Opt for a base with no additional storage.

All of our divan bed bases are available in our wide range of fabrics and colours and can be bought with or without a mattress and with an optional matching headboard.

With 57 different fabrics and colours to choose from we are confident you’ll find something you love.

Blank divan bed base from Quercus Home Furniture

Blank base from £145. Drawer bases from £215

Jumbo end drawer
Two Drawers
Diagram of a Quercus Home Furniture divan bed base with four drawers
Four drawers
Continental drawers

Ottoman divan bases

Need more storage than drawers provide? You won’t get better than a Quercus ottoman storage bed.  Available with either end or side opening, this innovative bed base offers a perfect blend of style, storage, and convenience. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to relaxation.

The gas-lift mechanism effortlessly raises the mattress platform, granting you quick and convenient access to the storage area. No more heavy lifting or struggling to retrieve your belongings from beneath the bed.

Quercus Home Furniture end lift ottoman in a bedrom with bedding stored inside

End lift ottoman from £349. Side lift ottoman from £329.

Richard and Lisa have years of experience in the industry and will guide you towards the right bed solution for you. What’s more, you’ll deal with us from start to finish. We’ll deliver your bed right to your bedroom and we’ll even assemble it if you need us to. And we won’t charge you extra. 

Shallow divan bases

Shallow divan bed base on legs from Quercus Home Furniture
Double bed frame on legs with floorstanding headboard and pillow top Windermere mattress from Furniture

If you don’t need the storage and want a more modern look to your bed, choose a shallow divan base. Choose from a range of wood or metal feet to add a focal point and allow easy cleaning under the bed. 

The range of feet, casters and gliders available from Quercus Home Furniture

Click here to see our range of matching upholstered headboards.

Fabric Swatches

All of our deluxe bed bases are available in these fabrics and colours, with matching headboards and footboards available.

Fabric swatches for the divan bed bases and headboards from Quercus Home Furniture

On a budget? Check out our affordable divan packages

Ellesmere budget bed set from Quercus Home Furniture

Our special offer bed set is ideal for a spare room or for the budget conscious customer. Available in a choice of charcoal or slate grey fabrics, the divan base comes with two drawers and a matching strut headboard.

Complete with a comfortable open coil spring mattress, the budget set costs just £349 for a complete single bed (£449 for double, £499 for king size). Or upgrade your package to a 1000 pocket spring mattress for an extra £50.