Recliner Chairs and Sofas

Quercus Home Furniture proudly introduces our range of affordable faux leather manual recliners, designed to bring comfort and style to your living space without breaking the bank. Available in various configurations, including armchair, two-seater, three-seater, and corner units, our faux leather recliners offer the perfect blend of affordability and luxury.

Sink into the plush cushioning, and with a simple manual recline mechanism, effortlessly unwind after a long day. The faux leather upholstery, available in black, grey and brown,  not only exudes sophistication but also ensures easy maintenance, making these recliners a practical choice for families.

At Quercus, we believe that everyone deserves a touch of indulgence in their home, and our faux leather manual recliners are here to make relaxation both accessible and elegant.


115 x 100 x 107cm                £369

Two Seater Sofa

175 x 100 x 107cm        £579

Three Seater Sofa

228 x 100 x 107cm   £719 

Corner Set

260 x 100 x 107cm