Oak Bedroom Furniture

Torino oak bedroom furniture at Quercus Home Furniture

Beautiful, classic and timeless oak furniture

We are delighted to be stockists of the stunning range of Torino oak and Lucca grey painted with oak furniture. If you prefer something more contemporary, but still with classic styling that will last you for years and never go out of fashion, each piece is also available in the matching Lucca range, with painted grey bodies and solid oak tops.

Each piece is fully assembled, apart from wardrobes and bed frames, which require some assembly on site (you wouldn’t get them upstairs otherwise – but don’t worry, we’ll take care of that).

Double wardrobe (101 x 56 x 190cm)     £599

Triple wardrobe  (146.5 x 56 x 190cm)   £799

Five drawer (two over 3 drawer) bedroom chest in solid oak from Quercus Home Furniture

Five drawer bedroom chest (85 x 40 x 96cm)   £349

Three drawer bedside chest (47 x 37 x 62cm)   £149

One drawer bedside chest (44 x 37 x 62cm)   £119

Five drawer tallboy chest (55 x 40 x 117cm)   £299

Six drawer wide chest (128 x 40 78cm)   £399

Double bed frame (145 x 203 x 105cm)   £429

Kingsize bed frame (160 x 217 x 105cm)   £449